eBay Changes 2018: Optimising eBay Stores


inDemand wants to inform you of two major upcoming changes to eBay:

New Fees for Sellers That Fall Below Standards

To protect our buyers and the customer experience, starting 4th April 2018, sellers who fall Below Standards will incur an additional fee of 2% on Final Value Fees. Sellers who remain Above Standard or are Top Rated will not be affected by this change. What does it mean to fall below standards? If you're not meeting eBay's minimum performance standards, "eBay may place buying and selling restrictions on your account or charge you additional fees. There is other consequences listed in our full policy." eBay policy agreement. 

How can you protect yourself from these new fees? eBay encourages sellers to explore growth opportunities for their business. This policy is aimed at protecting the buyer experience in Australia, not stopping you from expanding your business. Using third-party companies who manage your customer satisfaction is a great way to avoid these new fees. eBay is primarily concerned about their buyers, they want them to have the best possible buying experience. Ensuring your standards are high is a great way to make more sales, eBay will eve help you do so.


New Third-Party Fulfillment Policy

To support the introduction of new programs and the eBay customer experience, eBay is updating their 'User Agreement and policies' as well as introducing a new policy. The main changes are:

  • A new Third Party Fulfilment Policy stating that sellers may not use certain Third Party marketplaces or retailers for the fulfillment of eBay orders in Australia.

  • Update to our Seller Performance policy on how we address sellers who don’t meet our minimum performance standards.

eBay state that their new Third Party Fulfilment policy is designed to, avoid customer confusion and maintain the eBay customer experience for both buyers and sellers. eBay orders fulfilled in Australia by a third party which is a marketplace or retailer (for example Amazon) could cause customer confusion, such as:

  • When an item arrives in Third-Party branded packaging or contains third party promotional material, invoices, or packing slips;

  • Buyers being contacted by the third party about their eBay order;

  • Confusion for the buyer as to which company’s customer service they should be contacted regarding their order, delivery and returns (including who they should return the item too).