Back-to-School for Online Retailers

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The back-to-school to school season can be more stressful than Christmas, for both buyers and sellers alike. In fact, there is a classic retail proverb that perfectly encapsulates the back-to-school frenzy; hell hath no fury like an angry parent who left back-to-school shopping until the last minute. No one wants to be the one to tell them that their son’s tablet will be delayed, or that their daughter’s calendar is no longer available due to being out of stock. Yet, while issues inevitably arise in the realm of online retail, here are some things to keep in mind as a seller during this.


There is no question that back-to-school shopping is a cost effective and time efficient way of conquering the supplies list, with access to constant sales, easy browsing and an extensive catalogue. In fact, we have found that customers are intentionally leaving their back-to-school shopping late, in order to scope out all those last minute shopping deals, as well as spending their time investigating exactly what the best prices are. Since our customers are getting more savvy when it comes to online retail, we need to make sure that we are working on their level; ensuring that the stock levels of calendars are being monitored meticulously. Being transparent about the expected time frames of when items are expected to arrive, to avoid disparities between your listings and reality. Having the best listings and competitive prices.